12 Guiding Principles

Derived from our core values, these 12 guiding principles showcase how our team lives day in and day out.

1. Grow With Our Clients and Create Memories

JDK team members create cherished memories through long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our clients trust us with their most special life moments and we only get one chance to get it right. We are here because of our clients so they will always remain our top priority.

2. Deliver the Unexpected

JDK team members exceed all expectations, from clients’ expectations to our own. Innate sense of attention to details, instant problem solving skills and a constant sense of urgency allows us to over deliver for our clients. The over delivery of every small detail defines who we are as JDK.

3. Pledge to Uphold Integrity: Take the Time to Do The Right Thing

We believe in and promote an environment of individuals who display a strong sense of moral fiber.

4. Practice Blameless Problem Solving

JDK team members recognize how to take initiative. They realize when a problem exists and immediately find a solution. This instant blameless problem solving occurs because it is in our DNA to achieve the overall goal of exceeding our clients’ expectations.

5. Passion Drives Us but Tenacity Keeps Us Going.

JDK team members live and breathe passion into every action they undertake. But it is our determination and perseverance that displays this passion outwardly. A constant sense of urgency drives us to produce brilliance and always over deliver for our clients.

6. Produce AWESOME All The Time

If it isn’t awesome, it isn’t JDK. It is our goal to do our best in everything we do and when we do our best we feel our best.

7. Be Humble, Leave Your Ego at the Door

JDK is a place of community and teamwork. Every team member plays a major role in the success of exceptional service. As a result, everyone is treated equally and showing respect to each team member is expected.

8. Be The Change That Radiates Exceptionalism

JDK team members are fierce adapters. They embrace change because they understand that change is necessary for the betterment of our company and clients. Without change we will never realize new extraordinary things.

9. Maintain a Culture of Creative Chaos

The JDK environment bursts with creativity. All team members are encouraged to share their ideas from a number 4 server to the newest addition to the culinary team. We realize that the best ideas can evolve from a combination of out-of-the-box thinking.

10. Don’t Compete, Invent a New Standard

The JDK team utilizes our own creativity to define who we are. By setting our own standard we show that we care about innovation and improvement.

11. Form a Network of Family, Not a Cohort of Co-Workers

JDK team members live in a community of unconditional acceptance where diversity is valued, quality of life is enhanced and individual aspirations are fulfilled. We are more than just people who interact in the workplace; we are family and always have each others’ backs.

12. There is Always Something to Learn in Everything We Do

Joy is in the journey not the finish line. Every experience, positive or negative, presents a learning opportunity. We learn from each experience and grow together as a strengthened team.

“When I staff events and rentals today for the future I will pair up the staff that I think best suits the clients’ needs and will best help them create their memories.



“Amanda went early to check all of her rentals. The Father of the Groom said it was more than he ever expected and was so impressed with the staff.”



“When the bride’s DJ failed to show up, Emma jumped in with her phone and saved the day. To help elevate the pressure afterwards, we did table service with alcohol.”



“When a problem arises, we have to be able to explain what happened. That way the problem is not just on you.”



“This past weekend we had 5-6 weddings that the kitchen pulled off without a hitch”



“Taking the same amount of time and dedication on cookies for 10 people as it would be for 100 people.”


“Karen gave example on how to create edible spoons in a more efficient manner. You just turn them over to bake. This idea was presented by a new addition to the team.”


“Any job presented to us, we can help out with; no matter what position you are in. It doesn’t matter your job title. Show humility in everything you do.”


“It is just exceptional to see how fast change occurs in this workplace and how our community just embraces it and keeps on adapting for success.”



“It is about inspiration, working in a comfortable environment and bringing new ideas to find new inspiration. We include people from different departments with a fresh perspective that can help recognize areas that might benefit from a change in the process”


“Everyone is accepting of each other no matter what.”



“All I have ever known since working at JDK is a cohort of coworkers. I know from my first times working at JDK and just doing this thing here (coffee klatch) I was amazed.”