Corporate Event: 2011 Governor’s Inaugural Celebration

At the dawn of a new gubernatorial term, we had the honor to produce the Governor’s Inaugural Ball.  With over 6,000 guests in attendance and over 300 members on our production team, we were able to celebrate the new Inauguration of Governor Corbett in true Pennsylvania fashion!

Guests: 6,000

Venue: The Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Event Type: Corporate

Photography: Hoffer Photography


The cuisine for the Inaugural Ball was designed to showcase traditional flavors from the five different regions of our keystone state.  From flaming meat stations to deconstructed pot pies and a mushroom bar sauteed to order, each respective region of Pennsylvania featured its own full menu from the hors d’oeuvres, main entree, dessert, and even signature beverages!  Some of our favorite signature menu items were the duck rhubarb flute, roasted lamb lollipop, and the farm fresh salad push pops!


The regional theme of Pennsylvania proved to be a popular element to the design of the different food areas.  The overarching formal theme of this high profile event was showcased through a color story of red and black accented with candlelight and sleek displays using illuminated acrylic tables.