7 Fun Corporate Summer Party Ideas

Summer is the season of warm weather and good memories. The time of the year where people can get away and enjoy some time with family or relaxation! For a company, it is important to show your appreciation and gratitude for the hard work your employees have put in all year.  What better way to do that than a themed summer party?  We’ve compiled a list of unique and fun corporate summer party ideas.  Celebrate the year with good food, good music, and good vibes! 

Corporate Summer Party Ideas:

1.) Outdoor Camp Site

Camping done the right way – a getaway trip to a State Park is a great way to bond in the outdoors with your fellow employees. Between the hiking, sightseeing, and isolation from technology, this is a great incentive for people to disengage with their phones and communicate with one another!

Your company will be able to relax and enjoy the finer things in life. You can expect to experience a greater bond with nature and with each other under the stars. Also, getting to hear scary ghost stories told over a campfire by HR would be a blast!

Not able to travel for a corporate summer party? No problem! Bring the camp site to your office! The JDK Group offers lots of fun summer decor and great food (see our torched-to-order s’mores station below) to best fit your party needs. Contact us to plan and cater your camping-themed summer party or event!
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2.) Old Fashioned BBQ

If you were looking for a more laid-back American choice for your summer party, nothing beats a classic barbecue outdoors. With the aroma of fresh burgers and hot dogs on the grill, watermelon, coleslaw and all your favorite fixings, that classic summer lunch is hard to top.

Hosting a themed cookout summer party could be fun too! If you wanted a more southern approach you could serve pulled pork or coleslaw substituting the more classic grill choices – we recommend our build-your-own Southern Skillet Station.

Including in a couple park games like baseball or kickball would be a good add also. This could create some fun physical activity for the employees and their families, and could even spark a friendly competitive atmosphere.

If you’re interested in catering with this theme, The JDK Group can bring it to life this #Summer2Savor season! Contact us to add the Great American Cookout from our new summer menus for your summer party!


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3.) Charitable Event Party

If you’re looking for corporate summer party ideas that do something good for the community, organizing an event with employees and a local charity is a great way to help those in need! buy bactroban online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/bactroban.html no prescription

Organizing a charitable outing is a wonderful way to do something great and can make a difference, which will go a long way with employee satisfaction and respect for their employer. A fundraiser summer party for a charity is a great way to bring people together to make a difference for the better.

A great Charity The JDK Group recommends is United Way of the Capital Region, whose mission is to improve lives in Cumberland, Dauphin and Perry counties by identifying the most pressing community needs, finding solutions to those needs, and demonstrating how these solutions are making a difference. buy strattera online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/strattera.html no prescription


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4.) Wine Event

For a more classy adult party, cater your own wine tasting event this summer! This could be a great professional setting that allows people to enjoy the vineyard setting and walk around to mingle with the other employees. Enjoy great meals in between wine-tasting sessions and enjoy the nice summer weather outdoors.

Order appetizers to be catered to compliment the wine! What good is a wine party without fancy cheeses and meats? Make it an event to be remembered relaxing and being classy!

If you are looking to schedule an event with wine, decor, and great food for your event, contact us so we can organize and cater your vision into a reality!


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5.) Outdoor Movie Night

Another one of our favorite corporate summer party ideas is an outdoor classic movie night!  Grab your popcorn, blankets, and favorite movies for a fun and manageable party everyone is sure to enjoy!

Feel the nostalgia of an old drive-in with your favorite projected movie playing in the nice summer weather under the stars. Feel free to include some corn hole and other games to really add a nice touch to the evening before the movie!


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6.) Summer Pool Party

For a very hot summer day, nothing is better than a fun pool party full of music and activities! Start with fun music, fresh fruit, and food on the grill to capture that classic summer essence. Once the food is ready, lay out the blankets and fill your plates for a nice picnic in the grass.

After everyone has eaten and settled in, finish the night with some karaoke! There’s nothing more entertaining than listening to your colleagues sing their heart out to Journey songs.

If you’re looking for a caterer for your pool party, we offer a large variety of fun choices during the #Summer2Savor season at JDK! Check out our new summer catering menus!


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7.) Celebrate a Wacky Summer Holiday!

There are many different wacky National days during the summer, so centering your party around that day is a fun and unique twist to your summer party! Choosing a National food day and celebrating by catering it to your event is a great opportunity to eat and enjoy a unique and memorable party.

For inspiration:

June 4th: National Cheese Day

July 1st: International Chicken Wing Day

July 7th: Chocolate Day

Catering all kinds of different assortments of cheeses, or having a friendly wing tasting/eating competition, hosting your corporate event on these fun national days is sure to be a hit with everyone attending!

If you like this idea, The JDK Group can bring it to life – we love to get a little wacky! Contact us so we can help brainstorm the perfect wacky summer holiday for your company’s party or event!


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Hope we sparked some inspiration with these corporate summer party ideas! Any of these themes would make for a manageable and enjoyable party for your office. Put your own spin on an idea or combine themes for a fresh and fun event!

Special Offers for Your Corporate Summer Party

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