Craft Cocktails Trending in Central PA

So you want to take your summer party to the next level, but you aren’t sure how to do it. Craft cocktails are trending in Central PA!  Mixology is a whole world full of color, flavor and possibility just waiting to be explored. Why not explore it at your summer event?

Tell a story

A craft cocktail is one chosen specifically to honor a person, theme or occasion. It can also tell a story. Maybe you’re throwing a grad party and your student’s sorority has a favorite cocktail. Write up the backstory on a little card, and set it up on a cute side table. These satellite stations can add to the fun, by giving a nod to a group of people very important to the guest of honor. Don’t stop with just one. Maybe you want several stations, each featuring a drink that tells a different story, like that drink your daughter discovered when she was an exchange student in France.

craft cocktail

Tequila Sunrise

Express your theme

Maybe your theme is a Hawaiian luau. This Tequila Sunrise cocktail instantly transports your guests to a far away beach, and the grenadine makes it decidedly tropical. It says, ‘kick off your shoes, we’re on vacation!’ buy prelone online no prescription

Don’t forget the extra touches like spears of fruit, or fun accessories. These touches can tie in your color theme and elevate the whole cocktail. buy prevacid online no prescription

If your summer event is a wedding, check out for more cocktail suggestions.

Find the right liquor

Finding the right liquor is half the fun. Make an outing of it, and visit some of the new distilleries popping up in our area, like the Mason Dixon Distillery in Gettysburg set to open in June. This is a great way to discover new liquors to create your party’s craft cocktails. Use your favorite liquor, syrups, herbs and fruits. Tie the color back in to your theme. We’re just getting your wheels going, but you’re the one with a story to tell. Still not sure? Ask the distillers at the Mason Dixon what they recommend. buy prednisone online no prescription

Done right, your craft cocktails can reinforce the theme of your party, tell a story and transform the whole mood. Let’s party!

If you need help with catering or event planning for your summer event in Central Pennsylvania, go to Summer2Savor or call (717) 730-4661 to start the process. At JDK we’ve got ideas and energy to spare.



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