Holiday Gift Ideas: 10 DIY Gifts for 2017!

Holiday Gift Ideas, Hand-Selected

If you’re running out of holiday gift ideas this season, don’t worry! We’re going to try to help you out. We’ve compiled a list of 10 different ideas from around the web. These aren’t just any gifts, either. These DIY holiday gift ideas add a personal touch to any gift-giving you do this holiday season! It’s one of the many ways you can be a #holidayhero!

1) Pringle Can Cookie Container

First, we really like this idea from Good Housekeeping. You’ll take an ordinary Pringles container, and dress it up holiday-style! It’s an easy way to give your homemade cookies a holiday home for gifting to your friends and family.

Photo Credit: Good Housekeeping

2) DIY Bars of Soap

Sarah Yates from A House in the Hills shares her method to make sweet-smelling bars of soap! The best part of it is, you can infuse the soaps with a bunch of different holiday scents. That way, you can customize the soap to your giftee’s liking. These bars of soap not only smell better than your run-of-the-mill soap, but they look fantastic too!

3) Photo Blocks

The geniuses over at Stars and Sunshine have found an awesome way to mix up family photos! Instead of a regular picture frame, you can have some photo blocks of your friends and family. All you need is some wooden blocks, some Mod Podge, and your photos. These make for great decorations that you can switch around whenever you want. Photo gifts in general are something that you really can’t go wrong with. They can be very personal as well as functional, which is the ideal combination. Something like a photo wallet can make for a great gift.

Photo Credit: Stars and Sunshine

4) DIY Trinket Dishes

Marlene from Idle Hands Awake shows what you can do with an old cookie-cutter and some clay. So whip out those holiday cookie-cutters and follow her guide. That way, you can make some creative holiday-themed trinket dishes (or anything else) for this winter. The great thing about these is the amount of decorating you can do to the dishes after the clay has been baked!

5) DIY Photo Coasters

Here’s another great idea for a photography gift; Polaroid coasters! Be sure to check out Brittany’s guide from Darkroom & Dearly to see how to make these. You’ll only need some ceramic tiles, Mod Podge, some other supplies, and your awesome photos. It’s a great personalized gift. You’ll be reminded of all your captured memories every time you take a sip of your drink!

Photo Credit: Darkroom & Dearly

6) “Faux” Calligraphy

If you’ve ever wanted beautiful calligraphy adorning your gift cards, then check out these tips from Chelsea Faulkner of HGTV! She provides a handy way to enhance the cursive on your gift cards and tags. It’s going to be hard getting rid of your card with the beautiful script you’ll be dressing them with. You only need a minor in cursive to make your cards look special.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Faulkner, HGTV

7) Easy-to-Craft Handmade Jewelry Box

This is another suggestion from HGTV, and specifically, H. Camille Smith. For starters, you won’t need many supplies! All this projects takes is some fence caps, spray paint, and some other general art supplies. These boxes are intended to hold jewelry, but you can use them for anything you want! Specifically, you can use them as a gift box for something small.

8) Washi Tape Christmas Cards

Washi Tape is another fantastic way to personalize the cards for your holiday gift ideas. KeepCalmAndBlushOn has a guide how to use Washi Tape in many different ways. In this video, she uses them as scarves! Combine that with Chelsea Faulkner’s faux calligraphy guide and you have a sure way to make your own, unique, gift cards this Christmas! Be sure to rewind the video to the start for other card ideas.

9) 3D Pop-Up Animal Wall Decorations

Taxidermy is pretty morbid, luckily Brit+Co., using supplies from Cardboard Safari, shows how you can make it fun. These pop-up animal heads make great DIY gifts, and are a fun way to liven up a wall! This is another holiday gift idea where you’re free to decorate until your heart’s content!

10) Teacup Votives

Here’s a little idea for you candle-lovers out there; teacup votives. Bonnie Eng from Thirsty For Tea has a great step-by-step walk through on how to make elegant little votives out of teacups. She uses Asian teacups, but just about any teacup you like is fine. It’s definitely a different spin on all of the normal candle votives out there!

Photo Credit: Bonnie Eng, Thirsty for Tea

‘Tis the Season

So if you’re struggling to find some holiday gift ideas this year, use one of these suggestions! There are tons of creative gift-givers on the web, and this is only the tip of the iceberg. We tried to select DIY holiday gift ideas that were easy, but beautiful. There’s no better way to add a personal touch to your gifts than to put a little of your own labor into it.

Happy Holidays!

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