Top 5 Holiday Party Planning Mistakes

Party Planning Mistakes that Will Make You Want to Leave Your Holiday Planning to the Professionals

As the holiday season approaches, stress builds for the planner of the family. Between stocking up on gifts, managing the in-laws, and prepping for the season, planning your holiday party can be overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to ask for help! Let The JDK Group make you a #HolidayHero this year by avoiding these 5 common party planning mistakes.

1. Not Making A Guest List

A solid guest list is the foundation of a successful event. Ensure a seamless holiday party by putting together a list of the guests you want to invite, then make edits once it is complete. Consider the ideal size of your party ahead of time to avoid getting caught up in the planning. When you give yourself the visual of a list of guests, it’s easier to evaluate the size of your event.

2. Mishandling Your Invitations

Imagine the embarrassment of showing up to an Ugly Sweater Party in a swanky cocktail dress. This embarrassing moment is avoidable with a thought-out invitation. Although invitations seem like a minor detail, they are crucial for conveying important information to guests. Therefore, failing to include essential information like date, time, or location on invitations can confuse guests and cause chaos the day of your event.

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3. Running out of Food or Alcohol

Nothing ruins a party like running out of food or alcohol as things begin picking up speed. Avoid this crisis by requesting RSVP’s from guests so you know how much food and alcohol you’ll need. Provide a phone number or email address on your invitation and keep a list of confirmations for reference. Another helpful tip is to hire a catering service to keep the food fresh and the drinks full. By hiring a caterer to handle food and alcohol, you can ensure your guests won’t leave disappointed.

4. Overlooking the Details

While planning a holiday party, the devil is in the details. Don’t overlook details like a place for them to put their coats and empty glasses. Organize your party details ahead of time by creating a checklist of essentials and a calendar of party preparations with completion dates. Overlooking small details due to the chaos of your event is normal, but you must consider guests’ needs a top priority to make your party a hit.

5. Not Accepting Help

Many factors go into a successful event and it’s easy to spread yourself thin while trying to plan the perfect holiday party. Don’t burn yourself out planning before your event even occurs. Rely on our 29 years of catering and event planning experience to keep sane during these hectic holiday months.

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