Why Microweddings in Central PA are Trending

You may have heard about microweddings because of COVID-19, but the pandemic is not the only reason microweddings in central PA are increasing in popularity. Many couples in Central PA are deciding to defy the social norms and make their special day a smaller, more intimate, gathering with The JDK Group. Microweddings usually include 50 guests or less that are typically family and close friends.

1. Pandemic Protocol

 The COVID-19 outbreak caused large events to be downsized, delayed or deleted. Couples were faced with the challenge of choosing how to celebrate their special day. When the restrictions in central PA started loosening up, many of them chose to invite less than 50 of their closest family members and friends for a microwedding. This way, proper safety precautions are taken and regulations are followed. Elderly family members might be more comfortable to attend these smaller events since they are at higher risk. Microweddings in Central PA are perfect for sharing a beautiful moment with family while also keeping guests’ health in mind during this uncertain time.

Why Microweddings in Central PA are Trending. Intimate seating at circular tables with floral pink and orange arrangements

2. Seeking Intimacy

According to The Knot, the average guest count for weddings nationwide is 131 people. Have you ever been to a wedding and witnessed the couple running around, stretching themselves thin in order to greet every 131 of those guests? With only less than 50 guests to greet, the couple has more time to focus on themselves and actually get to spend quality time with their nearest and dearest! The JDK Group has put together several special Mircoweddings in Central PA that turned out to be amazing, intimate celebrations. buy valtrex online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/valtrex.html no prescription

3. A Tight Budget

Many couples opt for a microwedding for financial reasons. With a guest list of 50 people or less, the price of the event drops considerably. With less guests, there is less food that needs to be bought, less money to be spent on renting tables, and less accessories to fund. Microweddings are a perfect option if you’re looking for a cost-friendly way to celebrate your special day with your family but still include all of your Pinterest-worthy details.

Why Microweddings in Central PA are Trending. Small food dish with artistic, fancy detail

4. Using Your Budget Elsewhere

On the other hand, instead of using a smaller budget, some couples choose to keep the same budget and spend it on grand vendors, specialty drinks and extravagant decorations. All of those personalized details of custom menus, hand calligraphy, or meaningful mementos now become more realistic to purchase for 40-50 guests as opposed to 150.  Some of their budget can even be used to pay for things that are not usually covered by the couple like hotel rooms and transportation. buy zithromax online https://bethanyhealthcare.org/wp-content/languages/new/zithromax.html no prescription

Why Microweddings in Central PA are Trending. Custom circular menu set up at wooden table.

5. Minimalistic Wedding Planning

The social norms are changing. Minimalist lifestyle is on the rise. People like to be simpler. Simple in living, dressing, eating and in the design world – now weddings are following suit. Microweddings allow the couple to focus on themselves instead of the small, materialistic details. There is no need to sit down for hours creating a lengthy guest list, researching and coordinating a grand reception. Instead, with less guests to accommodate, the more freedom they have in choosing vendors and menu items. The couple can avoid the added stress of wedding planning by choosing a simpler, minimalistic route.


Whether it is because of the pandemic, a desire for intimacy or a factor of budget, microweddings in Central PA are the newest, popular solution. To take some stress out of the planning process, The JDK Group is here for you. buy amoxicillin online no prescription

Contact us at info@thejdkgroup.com to help you bring your intimate vision to life!

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