Reasons to Host a Late-Summer Graduation Party

The transition from May into June is emblematic of the changing seasons. The months pass a baton to each other as much as the seasons do. Spring becomes a memory as the heat and promise of Summer rounds the corner and takes over. It’s not just a seasonal change either. The thoughts of rainy days fade when graduation caps rain throughout high school and college campuses across the country. Party planners beg the question; an early- or late-summer graduation party?

Changing Seasons, Changing Lives

Graduating is exciting, but it’s also the start of a new phase in high school and college students’ lives. High school graduates are prepping for an entirely new learning experience in college. College graduates are prepping to enter the professional world. These changes are exciting, for sure, but there also lies a degree of nervousness and uncertainty in change.


A graduation party, then, should provide a night of fun relief for a graduate. The party should be an event where they can hang out with family and friends and bask in their achievements. A graduation party might serve as a welcome distraction in the middle of the summer. At JDK, we want to encourage people to look outside of the normal scope of graduation season. If you want your party to be the best it can be, then this should help you decide when to plan yours.

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The Checklist

The graduation party supernova in May and June can be chaotic for a recent graduate. It can be equally as chaotic for a parent planning their own child’s graduation party. The two months are usually brimming with bookings for functions, events, and parties.  This is fine if you’ve planned far ahead of time and all of your guests are on the same page. But we’re here to tell you that there are other months in the summer. In fact, a late-summer graduation party in July, August, or September might be a better option for you. buy benzac online benzac no prescription

First of all, the aforementioned “graduation party season” is a serious consideration. Will all your guests be able to attend during such a busy period in the season? Is the graduate burnt out from squaring everything away in the final throes of their last semester? Perhaps they still have end-of-the-year functions from clubs they’ve joined at their respective schools. Are there existing plans for Memorial Day or Mother’s Day that you must consider?

Late-Summer Graduation Party Advantages

These are all questions, along with some of your own, you’ll have to ask yourself. If these are indeed factors for you, then why not plan for a date later in the season? You’ll be dealing with a whole lot less chaos from a scheduling standpoint. Also, it’ll afford your guests more time to set aside the date for the party. After all, you’ll want as many people attending as you can. This could also provide a window of respite for the graduate, giving them time to decompress before another event.

Time becomes another advantage with regard to actually planning the details of an event too. Time affords you the chance to think about what theme you’d like to run with for the party. The theme could involve school colors, mascot, or something personal and specific to the graduate. Special invites, photographs, and other crafty details in line with the chosen theme are elements to consider. Food should be at the top of your list, however. You’ll have to strike a balance between your guests and graduate. Whatever the details may be, you want to give yourself a chance to flesh them out as much as possible before the actual party. buy hytrin online hytrin no prescription

A late-summer graduation party doubles as a party for other reasons besides graduation too. Entire families can celebrate with the high school graduate and see them one last time before going away to college. College students may be finishing courses over the summer, so even September is a viable month for a late-summer graduation party. You could even hold the party on Labor Day, giving you the greatest chance of a large turnout. Extended weekends also hold the advantage of that extra day to relax after the party is over. Holding a late-summer graduation party after 4th of July is also a nice way to break up summer. Don’t forget to read our guide to planning a stress-free summer party.

Outside the Box

Going away to college or into the professional world should be a memorable time in somebody’s life. Furthermore, well-planned graduation parties can be fun stepping stones into that next phase. The last thing anybody wants, however, is a party that gets lost within a sea of other events. For some, early-summer parties are the perfect time for a party and that’s great. However, JDK wants to remind party planners that later months may be better for their respective schedules. Understanding whether a late-summer graduation party is best for you is key in making it the best it can be. This is something that both parents and graduates can appreciate.

An easy way to ensure a fantastic graduation party is to hire an experienced caterer. JDK believes we can be the caterer that makes your graduation party the best it can be! To get started just fill out our contact form or call us at (717) 730-4661, and we can make it happen! buy albenza online albenza no prescription



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