The Best Moments of #Summer2Savor So Far

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The second the temperature inches up over 70 degrees, you can find me doing any number of my favorite summer activities, such as running long-distances outside, going to the beach, and creating great summer memories with friends.

The thing we enjoy most at The JDK Group Catering & Events is helping people create memories that will last a lifetime. Summer is a great time to make lasting memories with friends and family. That’s why this year we want to connect with you and make this season a #Summer2Savor!

Since the end of April, people have been sharing their favorite summer moments with the hashtag #Summer2SavorHere’s some of my personal favorite moments from the Instagram feed:

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Share your favorite summer moments with us through the hashtag #Summer2Savor on Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram to join us in sharing the season’s best summer memories!

All you have to do is upload a photo or video on Instagram, use the #Summer2Savor hashtag, and mention @TheJDKGroup. We will feature some of our favorites at our #Summer2Savor page ( Keep hashtagging #Summer2Savor and stay tuned for some cool giveaways coming up!

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