The 12 Pains of Planning a Holiday Party

It’s the morning of your big Holiday party. Your kids are hungry; your in-laws are on their way. With little time to spare, you throw the ham in the oven and whip up some mashed potatoes. Will that be enough for all your guests?

The doorbell rings. Your table isn’t even set. Frantic, you send the kids to answer the door. Before you know it, 15 hungry guests invade your household. They are tired from their travels, and they are hungry. Your ham comes out of the oven drier than the Sierra Nevada desert. Your guests start to become impatient. This is not the Holiday party you planned.

The most wonderful time of the year can turn into the most stressful in the blink of an eye without proper party planning. Fortunately, you can channel your inner #holidayhero to save the day! As party planning professionals, The JDK Group encourages you to become a #holidayhero by attacking the 12 pains of holiday party planning. With these pro tips we’ve compiled, you will easily be able to turn your Holiday nightmare into your family’s Holiday miracle.

1. Making a Guest List (And Inviting All of the Right People)

Should you invite Aunt Mary? Will Grandma come? Making a guest list of those to invite to your holiday party can be stressful. Luckily, your inner #holidayhero knows how to handle this daunting task. Create a guest list and check it twice. Accidentally forgetting to invite a relative or a friend can be worse than serving a dry ham and clumpy applesauce.

2. Sending Your Invitations On Time

Sending your invitations on time is crucial to any successful holiday party. Timing is key. Sending your invitations out too early or too late can wreak havoc on your party’s attendance. After your initial invitation, follow-up with your invited guests and make note of their RSVPs to ensure your party planning process functions as smoothly as possible. buy isofair online no prescription

3. Creating a Menu that Caters to Your Guests’ Needs

A picky eater is a party-pooper. Be a #holidayhero and save the party, while catering to your guests’ food fancies. With multiple menus and options for you and your family to choose from, The JDK Group will take Grandma’s traditional holiday dinner and add all of the spices to make her homemade mashed potatoes into a meal to remember.

4. Preparing Enough of the Main Dishes

Planning the menu is only half the battle of hosting a successful party. Purchasing enough food and estimating how much of each dish to make is the other half. Anticipating your guest count ahead of time will save you the extra hours to spend with your family and friends. It will also significantly help your catering staff if they are the ones preparing the meals for your party.

5. Purchasing Enough Alcohol and Beverages

If estimating the amount of food to make is hard for you, then anticipating the number of beverages and alcohol you need to purchase must be even harder. Knowing your guest count ahead of time can save you hours of time and excessive amounts of headaches when shopping for the alcohol and sodas your guests prefer.

6. Creating a Theme and Sticking to It

Give your ugly sweater party the make-over it deserves. Finding a fun theme that works for your food, decorations, and family is a daunting task, we know. Fortunately, your holiday party partner-in-crime, The JDK Group, has event planners on staff to help you plan and execute your next themed holiday party, whether it be a murder mystery corporate dinner or a fun secret Santa exchange. buy lamisil online no prescription

7. Decorating According to Your Theme

Any theme looks good on paper. It’s the centerpieces, tablecloths, and candles that count. As a #holidayhero, you know the amount of time and effort it takes to keep your annual white elephant gift exchange alive. Fortunately, your holiday party partner-in-crime has event specialists and staff who are willing to set your table, hang up your stockings, and trim your Christmas tree to make your companywide secret Santa a staple for the years to come.

8. Trying to Keep Grandma Away from Aunt Mary

Grandma hates Aunt Mary. Aunt Mary despises Grandma. How are you going to invite both of them to your house and keep the conversation civil? If your house or desired space is simply not large enough to accommodate all of your guests’ needs, one of The JDK Group’s exclusive venues should be spacious enough to solve your familial problems.

9. Keeping Your Guests Entertained

Don’t let your holiday party fall flat after the main course is served. Channel your inner #holidayhero and plan to keep your guests continually entertained throughout the evening. From formal corporate galas to informal family gatherings, you and your guests will benefit from a murder mystery with live actors and props or a Mariokart Wii championship.

10. Making Sure Your Guests Leave Happy

Reimagine your disastrous Holiday dinner. However, instead of a desert-dry ham, you present a savory honey glazed chicken breast and mashed sweet potatoes with spiced pecans that make your guests’ mouths water. Your guests are now neither hungry nor impatient. The centerpieces and red and green decor have your family and friends in awe. buy lariam online no prescription

Happiness is the key to a successful event, always. Make sure your guests leave full, satisfied, and happy by channeling your inner #holidayhero and by asking for an extra set of hands when you start to feel overwhelmed with all of your responsibilities.

11. Finding Room in Your Refrigerator for All of the Leftovers

Let’s face it: no one wants to be stuck with the leftovers (if there even are any). Fortunately, choosing the JDK Group to cater your Holiday party provides you the option of either taking home some food or leaving it behind, so you don’t have to eat mashed potatoes and corn for the next three days.

12. Starting the Planning for your Next Holiday Party

So, what are you waiting for? Channel your inner #holidayhero and call on your sidekick, the JDK Group, to start planning for your next holiday party or event!

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