Ideas for an Awesome 4th of July

4th of July falls on a Tuesday this year. Tuesday. But don’t let that Monday in-between kill your vibe. Mondays didn’t stop us from winning our independence. They’re not going to stop us from enjoying the best summer holiday either. Whether you’re doing a massive cookout, rife with whistling grills and sweating coolers, or heading out into nature with a loaded tent and backpack, The JDK Group has five ideas to make any type of 4th of July an awesome one.

The Right Cocktails


4th of July is a hot-weather holiday and typically, you won’t be serving up Irish Coffees or hot mulled wines. Instead, you should focus on refreshing cocktails. Think fruity or citrusy. A Moscow Mule is a perfect hot-weather drink with its combination of sweet lime juice and crisp ginger beer. You could make your own sangria too. There are tons of fun Sangria recipes to make, it serves multiple people, and pitchers look great sitting on a table. Don’t forget the classics either. Mojitos, Gin and tonics, margaritas and tequila sunrises are all great drinks on a blistering day. Make sure you have some festive non-alcoholic choices for the kids too. Like Sangria, there are a ton of lemonade recipes that kids would enjoy.

The Right Food

I know, I know. 4th of July + food is an easy math problem. Burgers, dogs, BBQ or any combination of all and you’re usually set. But why not be a little more creative with how you serve the food?


This holiday is about freedom, so why not give your guests the freedom of burger and dog toppings. Building stations with a myriad of different toppings provide choice, a concession stand feel, and might save you some labor. You’d probably want fresh onions, tomatoes, and lettuce along with the usual condiments for your burgers. For the dogs, you could set up sauerkraut, chili beans, minced onions, sauteed onions etc. There’s a seemingly unlimited amount of options for both. In the end, it’ll be up to you to decide what’s right for your 4th of July serving table. buy grifulvin online grifulvin no prescription

The Right Decorations

This is another obvious one, right? Red-white-and-blue this, red-white-and-blue that, red-white-and-blue everything. At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, there are other colors that’ll make your 4th of July party stand out. We recommend sunflowers in all types of arrangements. The vibrant yellow flowers will jump out against any kind of patriotic backdrop, and the sunflower is symbolic with summer. Burlap material and red, white, and blue ribbons will add a rustic feel to your 4th of July celebration. Don’t hesitate to use your imagination! All of these little touches and additions will allow you to get the most out of your party.

Let the Games Begin

Yard games are always a fantastic way to keep your guests entertained during the 4th of July. Nowadays, there is a bevy of different games you can play in the comfort of your own backyard. Cornhole is a classic tailgating game and makes a great outdoor activity that multiple people can play at once. Ladder ball is another inexpensive option. There are “yard-sized” versions of smaller games you might have played when you were young like Tic-Tac-Toe, Scrabble, and Jenga. Horseshoes and bocce ball are older games that you can joyfully spend your 4th of July holiday playing with friends. buy doxycycline online doxycycline no prescription

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End 4th of July with a Bang

Don’t let the excitement end when the sun goes down. Even if you’re going the cookout route, a campfire at night is a good excuse to gather and celebrate. You can make your own desserts such as s’mores which are a good excuse to include the kids. Of course, the coup de grace to any 4th of July party is fireworks! Equip yourself to end the night with a bang, and above all, be safe. Sparklers are a relatively safe type of firework that you can use for some pretty cool ideas. Put them in a jar and suddenly they can be used as their own decorations in a range of ways. Sparklers also make for some fantastic long exposure photographs if you have the resources.


The Stress-Free Way

Following these steps and ideas will allow your 4th of July party to flourish into a holiday to remember. Even if it does fall on a Tuesday.

If you’re worried about throwing an awesome 4th of July bash all by your lonesome, JDK has a fantastic #Summer2Savor menu that’s perfect for a summer holiday cookout. Having your 4th of July party catered is a surefire way to provide a memorable experience to your guests that they’ll remember for summers to come. If this idea that interests you, contact us! Our expert event coordinators will work with you to plan the best 4th of July party you’ve ever had!




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