Bloomsburg University’s Stunning Campaign Gala

BU’s “It’s Personal Campaign” Gala

In 2010, Bloomsburg University started its “It’s Personal” campaign. The campaign strives, every year, to raise money for athletic and academic scholarships, faculty support, and career-focused learning programs. This year, Bloomsburg University raised over 62 million dollars through their campaign! They celebrated by hosting a colossal campaign gala, during their homecoming, to give thanks and celebrate their remarkable accomplishment.

The university wanted a big night filled with celebration and thanks, and we knew we could make it happen. So, Senior Wedding and Event Producer, David Everett, and Senior Event Specialist, Molly Unangst, teamed up to take on the event.

They wanted guests to leave with a heightened excitement about the future of BU! Most importantly, the gala design had to be classy but colorful, reflecting the beautiful maroon and gold university colors.

Brett Simpson Photography captured all of the critical event details through beautiful photography!

Maroon and Gold: BU’s Classy Gala Decor

Over 200 guests attended the campaign gala. Firstly, fantastic table settings adorned with a combination of red claret, sienna gold, and satin gold linens greeted the guests. We decided on classic, mahogany Chiavari chairs to surround the tables. Special Occasions & Queen Street Linens helped us provide all of the beautiful linens!

Unbelievable Florals

Additionally, the tables at the gala burst with different types of complex floral arrangements. Our talented Erika Hegedus made sure that the florals emphasized the classy and colorful theme of the gala. First, arrangements in gold mint julep cups brought life to the cocktail tables. buy strattera online no prescription

However, those weren’t the only type of arrangements. The JDK Group made sure that every table had a beautiful variation of the wide array of florals selected for the event. Also, the votives, wrapped with custom vellum prints, fit in perfectly with the rest of the gala theme. There were combinations of burgundy snapdragons, golden amaranthus, chrysanthemums, asters, and a whole lot more!

Lastly, a multi-level statement pieced dressed a table in the center of the hors-d’oeuvres tent. This piece brought the incredible display together and made the hors-d’oeuvres tent a sight to see.

Wonderful Gala Hors D’oeuvres

Naturally, the guests had to eat! We set-up two tents for the event: a dinner tent and an hors-d’oeuvres tent. The hors d’oeuvres were arranged in the center of the tent, and surrounded by two bars. Aramark had a wide range of fresh snacks ready for the guests to grab and mingle.

Elegant Dinner on the Quad

The dinner tent transformed wonderfully as the guests arrived throughout the evening. We partnered with Event Central for all of the flooring and tents! It took a whole five days to get the quad set up the way we wanted it. The dinner tent already looked spectacular, complete with hanging chandeliers and lighting. However, when the guests arrived, and the sun went down, everything came alive. buy abilify online no prescription

Here’s a picture of the vast dinner tent before the guests arrived that evening…

…and here’s the beautiful dinner tent, filled with evening activity, due to the large gala turnout.

All of the Lights

First, chandeliers added to the elegance of the event. They provided a pure, crystalline touch to the tent during setup. During the evening speeches, they gave a graceful feeling to the proceedings.

But, that was only one important facet of a whole host of different lighting touches.  The incredible break-up patterns to gave both tents a fun and magical aura. Luckily, we had help from Stray Productions on both the lighting and sound fronts.

We wanted the guests to feel the night through sensory experiences, which is why we went above and beyond with the lighting and florals!

A Night Full of Thanks

The night overflowed with celebration, especially considering the success of the 2017 “It’s Personal” campaign. Additionally, a lot of Bloomsburg leadership delivered positive, thankful speeches that encouraged those to keep the momentum going for 2018.

For the family here at The JDK Group, we’re thankful for being a part of gala celebrations like this. We wanted the guests of the “It’s Personal” gala to leave with an indelible memory of that night. Furthermore, we wanted to reflect the gratitude that led to the incredible success of the campaign. buy Cymbalta online no prescription

We thank Bloomsburg University for approaching us to be a part of this special night. Go Huskies!

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